All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose ensures that a thing is not poisonous.
One thing is for sure: anything can be harmful. Yet it remains uncertain what exactly the damage is, how much or how little it takes to cause it and whether there exists a causal connection or just a coincidental correlation. Therefore a threshold limit value is not a fixed value, but rather a slimy guck that politically brings together what falls asunder: scientific knowledge, economic interests, social welfare, individual health, the integrity of nature, etc.
If we want to reduce the
[Slime of the] Threshold Limit Value
of the CO₂ emissions of our car fleet [...not only by 30 but by 40 percent...], more than half of the vehicles in our fleet would have to be purely electric by 2030. It would be almost impossible to manage the transformation at this speed and with its consequences, since in a good ten years, about a quarter of the jobs in our plants would have to be cut - a total of around 100,000 jobs.
- Herbert Diess
Volkswagen Chief Executive Officer'
In professional football, salaries and transfer fees continue to rise, often exceeding the clubs' current income. This can be achieved through the ability to take on more debt or through the private assets of financially strong patrons. Financial fair play within UEFA intends to put a stop to this development. However, the regulatory framework is widely regarded as a failure, as it is built on the
Slime of Threshold Limit Values
that discriminates against the small, financially weak clubs and favours the large, financially strong clubs. As shown by the football leaks of 2018, Manchester City and Paris St. Germain will also have retroactive exemptions.
"Dear Angela,

...from the perspective of the automotive industry, these objections are all the more valid as we are letting our high-performance premium segment, which accounts for almost 60 percent of the jobs of our German automobile manufacturers, literally "break down" by means of the arbitrarily set
[Slime of the] Threshold Limit Value
- Yours Matthias Wissmann
President of the Association of the Automotive Industry
former Federal Minister of Transport