The diesel scandal, the decline in biodiversity, the loss of jobs due to automation, rising rents, the petrochemical industrial complex and the football match on TV - these are very specific individual cases. They are different and yet deeper structures can be worked out.

RAD AB, SCHRAUBE LOCKER is a toolbox for dismantling technology and society. Through the various tools, from the "ladder of the higher-faster-further" to the "beard of the patriarchy" and the "straitjacket of nature", the common features of automobility, industrial agriculture, oil, football and urban development are revealed. The tools are not limited to these topics: the visitors are encouraged to take them home with them in order to dismantle their private and professional lives, i.e. to analyse and reflect
With the ladder of the Higher-Faster-Stronger, you can't go to heaven nor anywhere else, because it's only goal is to go higher, faster, and further.
An endless ladder extends infinitely into the abyss, which means that at some point the two ends meet and form a huge hamster wheel. Those constantly striving to go higher, faster and further will never reach their goal.
The toolbox is a means to reveal what is under the surface and to connect seemingly separate components.

The multitude of societal challenges and phenomena are always negotiated and addressed separately. This conceals deep-seated social mechanisms that unfold independently of the topic and thus determine our coexistence to the greatest possible extent. The toolbox for dismantling technology and society provides tools for uncovering what is hidden and connecting what appears separate. Complex issues are thus simplified and made more comprehensible. Anyone can use these tools to dismantle his or her working environment and private life as well as their interactions with technology and society. Have the courage to use your own mind and these tools! Werkzeugkasten

In simple words, each tool brings to the point a social pattern of action, thinking or argumentation that can be found in a variety of subject areas. Conversely, the tools help to draw conclusions from an individual case to social mechanisms that are common to many topics.

The toolbox for dismantling technology and society provides enough tools to enable everyone to dismantle their own private and professional life independently. How the individual tools work is shown in the dismantling of automobility, industrial agriculture, oil, urban development and football Anwendungsfelder

The travelling exhibition has a modular design so that it will find its place everywhere and at the same time can be supplemented with new tools and fields of application.

RAD AB, SCHRAUBE LOCKER is also a modular exhibition. Ladders, scissors, straitjacket, plastic dinosaurs and co. are presented, applied to thematic fields and are tangible as real objects. The exhibition can easily be expanded with new tools and thematic fields. If necessary, it can also be completely redesigned so that it fits in on site - Ausstellung

inventing tools and developing new fields of application

In a good toolbox there is always some room left for new tools! Invent new tools and expand your toolbox! We are happy if you open up new topics with the tools. Please share with us the results of your personal dismantling of technology and society and thus expand RAD AB, SCHRAUBE LOCKER - Mitmachen