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After we had invented the first set of tools in 2016 than we saw social structures everywhere that we still wanted to take up. We also found objects that are simply too good not to become a tool. At the same time, the tools helped us to recognise the commonalities of very different topics and to get to the heart of them.

Feel free to enrich the toolbox with new tools. A toolbox always has room for new tools! In our everyday language and common sense, the basic ideas for tools are already there - they just need to be worked out precisely. Last but not least, there needs to be an object and a name that makes it immediately clear what it is about, like the "Beard of the Patriarchy" or the "Happy Meal of the Buy-Yourself-Happy".

The tools link content and object to make social structures tangible. Without further ado, they can then be uncovered at home or at work, in nature or in a traffic jam on the motorway, at the computer or in the football stadium. Use the tools to open up completely new fields of application and share with us the results of your dismantling of technology and society -

with all tools and fields of application

Unfortunately, the catalogue is in German language only - but we are keen to publish an English version soon. The first german edition of the catalogue with all tools and application texts was published at the end of 2019. After a small revision, the second edition is expected to be published in end-2022. We will then be happy to give away the printed catalogue for a donation. Until then, you can browse through the PDF and pre-order copies - to do so, write an email to -


Toolbox for the Wall

In love with the beautiful illustrations by Roxana Iacoban and as a reminder for visitors, we have printed three poster motifs with all existing tools in DIN A2 format - approx. 42cm x 60 cm. We would be happy to send you some and would appreciate a small donation. And as with the catalogue, they are in German but soon there will be an English version as well. Please send an email to -

Or you can remix and print yourself with the following PDF files:

Poster - RAD AB - Mash Up
Poster - RAD AB - Werkzeuge - Set 1
Poster - RAD AB - Werkzeuge - Set 2

Blue Engineering
Engineers with Social and Ecological Responsibility

Blue Engineering aims to encourage (future) engineers to deal with their social and ecological responsibility. Couses are currently held at fifteen universities as part of the compulsory elective courses of many degree programmes. Blue Engineering promotes the networking of local groups and organises events for alumni and externals.

In addition to the tools, Blue Engineering creates building blocks. These are well-documented, highly interactive teaching units that cover a wide range of topics and use very different methods. There are already over 150 building blocks in our kit.

More information on the
Blue Engineering Website

Technische Universität
Saying Thanks

The creation of the tools as a touring exhibition was made possible by the TU Berlin Sustainability Competition 2018. Our thanks go to the Executive Board of TU Berlin and the Sustainability Council for their financial support. We would like to thank the workshop of the Institute for Machinery Design and Systems Engineering for their active help.

About us

All texts were written jointly by André Baier, Anton Schaefer and Richard Sichter. Many ideas stem from the work of the Blue Engineering course team at TU Berlin. The wonderful illustrations are by Roxana Iacoban. We would like to thank Ingrid Baier and Barbara Schaefer for their patient editing and many, many helpers: without you this project would not have taken place.

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The website is created and hosted by the SCREW LOOSE working group. This group is part of the Blue Engineering group at TU Berlin.

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