Like a rabbit from a cylinder, electricity comes from the wall, water from the tap, schnitzel from the supermarket and and and ... with a snap it is gone again and disposed of in the best way.
We live in a land of milk and honey where not only fried chicken flies into our open mouths, but literally everything is always available, close to hand as well as available on order and command - provided you can pay for it.. Where all this comes from and where it disappears after use is well concealed, because the social and ecological catastrophes that accompany this complex (value) creation system show that our land of milk and honey is not a paradise on Earth, rather we have made Earth a living hell.
‘Unnatural’ disasters stemming from technological progress have left devastating impacts in their wake. Hundreds of tanker accidents on an immense scale, 33 major incidents of damage from production platforms in the oceans, such as the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010 and the threat to drinking water-bearing strata from fracking are just some examples of this. Leaking pipelines continuously contaminate an area of around 70,000 square kilometers in the Niger Delta, and accidents in refineries, such as the most recent one Germany in the city of Vohburg in 2018, are leaving a trail of devastation with damage to the environment and people that can hardly be quantified. None of this can be seen or heard at the gas station, because the
Magic Socket of Abracadabra
provides the gasoline for a carefree Sunday excursion without question.