The constraints of the Master become practical constraints and the external constraints turn into self-constraints. Technology not only conceals domination but also establishes and legitimizes domination.
The "decisive machine of the modern industrial age" is the clock (Lewis Mumford). It makes everything measurable and man begins to measure everything with it. Once man gets used to having a fixed time, he hardly will be able to resist it, and thus it is easy to connect him to a steam engine which gradually but constantly accelerates. Consequently, the factual constraint of technology is increasingly internalized until people restrain themselves willingly and surrender to it. At this point, nobody wonders whether the self-restraint is due to technology or who is the Master of the unspoken societal restraints. Perhaps it is all too simple: Time Is Money.
Glyphosat wird im Kombinationspräparat "Roundup" großflächig in der Landwirtschaft zur Unkrautvernichtung auf dem Acker eingesetzt. Wie Glyphosat auf die Organismen von Menschen und Tieren wirkt, ist nicht genau geklärt. Die Internationale Agentur für Krebsforschung klassifizierte den Stoff 2015 als "wahrscheinlich krebserregend für den Menschen". Seitdem wird gestritten über die Zulassung von Glyphosat in der Landwirtschaft, beide Seiten präsentieren Studien und Meta-Studien, die die Schädlichkeit bzw. Unschädlichkeit belegen sollen. Wissenschaftliche Objektivität und Eindeutigkeit verschwinden zusehends und jede_r hört den
Clock that both Measures and Rules
In professional football, not only the goals and two 45-minute long halves are measured. Every single move made on the pitch is now recorded, measured and controlled down to the smallest detail. Even outside the field, everything from nutrition to blood levels is meticulously standardized and evaluated. The latest and greatest money-maker is the smart
Clock that both Measures and Rules
which decorates our wrists and checks all bodily movements. The constant (self-)optimization of the working world is now also governing our private lives, so that the self-quantification pulls out of us every single one of the latest performance updates - up to the point of ‘overclocking’ ...