If you hit the table with your fist, don't be surprised about a broken table, a broken hand, and broken relationships.
When something new is forcefully implemented, there is usually no stone left standing on the other, and even things that do not fit together are forced to fit. Overall, this results in massive irreversible changes to the existing societal and ecological infrastructure. This "disruptive" but usually blunt and aggressive approach is more than just tolerated; it is considered prestigious.
Steel Fist of the New Order
is pretty much just the oil fist of a new age. No other resource has changed human life so dramatically in such a short period of time - and this change is not limited to the oil-powered automobile alone. For the first time, petrochemistry has produced vast amounts of artificial substances that have never existed before: paints, adhesives, fragrances, nylon stockings, medicines, preservatives, baby diapers, foils, mattresses, soaps, packaging, insulating materials and the blades of wind turbines - these are all hallmarks of the global petroleum order, enforced with an iron fist.
In 1992, the settlement and transport-related area in Germany comprised about 40,305 km2 - by 2016 it had risen by 22.2% to 49,254 km2. During the same period, the number of registered vehicles increased by 30% from 42.0 million to 54.6 million. The
Steel Fist of the New Order
is the automobile consensus, which propagates a life in the countryside, establishes single-family houses, transforms medieval towns into car-friendly ones, creates a bypass road for every village and guarantees a 30-minute highway connection.
Fertile farmland is a valuable, unevenly distributed and finite commodity. Central Europe has very good climate and soil conditions for arable farming compared to other parts of the world. An enormous diversity of species evolved here over centuries, which can only be preserved through a variety of agricultural usages. However, the
Steel Fist of the New Order
ensures that these areas shrink by about 70 hectares every single day, as we take over formerly agricultural areas for roads, single-family houses, car parking lots and the ten thousandth identical strip mall combinations of box stores, supermarkets, discount stores, drugstores, low-cost clothing stores, and as the most recent achievement organic shops on what used to be a green meadow.
Professional football has long since ceased to be an easy sport and game. Professional football was developed with the
Steel Fist of the New Order
so that the values of material as well as immaterial assets/brands/players are of utmost importance. Just like in a machine, everything in professional football is regulated and controlled: the stadium construction in the furthest corner of the countryside, the exclusive reporting by the club's own TV stations instead of a free press, as well as the analysis of the players' lactate levels and their interaction with fans.