A little bling-bling to make my own suffering more bearable has always ended up hurting everyone.
Almost all the "modern" technologies we are having today are cost-relocation robbery techniques. They are the means by which we appropriate private benefits such as profit, income, convenience, pleasure, fun, etc., resulting in non-quantifiable costs such as pollutant emissions, noise, land erosion, climate impacts, etc., to the detriment of others. The relocation of costs often affects people and living beings located in countries geographically removed from our own, and has large scale temporal effects reaching far into the future thus affecting future generations. The scene and time of the crime compared to the scene and time of the suffering as a negative ramification of the crime thus diverge from one another. - Otto Ullrich
Within three generations, we have pumped up, processed, and burned or carelessly thrown away almost all of the petroleum that has been under the Earth’s crust for millions of years. We have lit fireworks of unknown glory and splendour, built huge factories, carved holes into mountains, covered roads with tar and pavement, created concrete jungles in our cities, cut down entire forests, and exterminated animal and plant species on a larger scale than ever before. However, even the fireworks of petroleum - the biggest fireworks since the land before time - will come to an end. Whoever thinks that we will get anything as a reward from the fire, bang, and smoke of the fireworks is wrong - because the
Fireworks to My Delight and Your Suffering
eventually leads only to endless suffering for all.
The 1.2 million cars in Berlin are driven on average about 30 minutes per day and for the remaining 23.5 hours they just hang around. Every time a car is parked in one of the over 2 million parking spots in the public space, a colorful
Fireworks to My Delight and Your Suffering
lights up. After all, they can use 19 % of the entire transportation surface free of charge! Cyclists can't even imagine such a large proportion, because they currently only have 3% of the traffic area at their disposal. Meanwhile, apartment seekers can only dream of renting a living space for 0 euros per square metre.